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Jim PickettI am a husband, father, grandfather, businessman, advisor,dreamer, doer, business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, consultant, artist, photographer, teacher, craftsman, student, friend, volunteer, maverick, world traveler, writer, author, listener, speaker and a whole lot more.

I live in Ellisville Missouri USA, with Cathy, my beautiful and truly amazing wife and life partner. We have four incredible children and three precious grandchildren.  

So… About Me:

I was born in Cape Girardeau Missouri USA, and except for a short time in North Carolina when my father was in the US Marines, I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois.  It was a working farm and taught me the value of a good work ethic.  I was up early every morning to feed the livestock before I went to school. I was driving and operating tractors and equipment at age 12 helping my father with planting and harvesting crops.  It also taught me, which I didn't realize until years later, a way of thinking. When equipment broke, often there wasn't time, or sometimes money, to get the needed part. So it was to the shop to see what was could be used to get the equipment up and running. It was not an option to not fix it, there had to be a solution. It just needed to be thought thru.  The lesson... Never, Never, Never Quit.  

I have degrees in Commercial Art, Business, with a Marketing minor and an MBA in International Business. I had successful 30 year corporate career with a Fortune 100 company. I earned a six-figure salary, company car and I had the opportunity to travel the world. But that also meant working 60+ hour weeks, and was typically gone from home for 2 or more weeks at a time. I have told many people that my corporate experience taught me a lot about how to run a successful business, but it also taught me a lot about how not to run a business. 


We Wanted A different Life!!


No one will ever accumulate any personal wealth working for someone else.  We have told many people that working for someone else taught us a lot about how to run a business, but it also taught us a lot about how not to run a business.


So we decided to do it our way!


Taylor-James Corporation was founded in 2001, with a core competency of Management Consulting; to individuals, startup ventures and existing businesses. Over time, we added five other diverse business units; real estate services, real estate investment; construction; marketing services, and promotional fulfillment.


However, by 2008, we realized the businesses were running our life. Our priorities had changed, yours most likely will too. We should never take life for granted; we never know what tomorrow will bring. We believe in planning, in life and in business. Determine what you want, create a plan and put the plan into action, otherwise nothing will happen.


cathyandmeCathy and I  wanted to have more time to spend with each other and our family. We wanted an income that would not be tied to a building or location, employees or inventory. We wanted no limit on our income, and an ongoing stream of income without working long hours. We wanted to have more time to do what we wanted. We wanted a business that could be managed from anywhere in the world. After due diligence, careful analysis and review, the answer was an online business. We named the new venture GoForTheTop.


It is said, “Money will not buy happiness”...


Philosophically, we agree.  However, to survive, short of living in a cave, we all must pay for shelter, we must eat, we need clothes, we need to stay warm in the winter, and would like to stay cool in the summer, and there will always be bills to pay.  If you are constantly worried about money, it affects every aspect of your life, your health, your emotions, and your relationships. So few accept they have the power to change that. Fear is powerful, it can be fear of failure, but as strange as it seems, some have a fear of success.


So, What About You?


Simply hoping your life will change will not get you there, hope is not a plan! You must make the decision to change your life, and it will likely mean stepping outside your comfort zone, to take a chance. It is easy to go with the flow, to just accept what comes, it is hard to make changes, but is only when we do, that our lives will change. Most everyone has either been asked, or forced, to do something they didn’t want, or think they could do. And yet, somehow they did and were amazed they had done it, and with that accomplishment came pride and satisfaction.


We are real people who came from humble beginnings and have created the lifestyle for ourselves and our family that we wanted. One of our core beliefs is to not only pay back, but to pay forward, to help others attain personal and financial success in life and in business.  We would be honored to be able to play a part in helping you reach your dreams!


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